Payment Options

You can make payments In-Store (through our showroom) or offline line (secondary medium).


In-Store Payments


             Linx

             Manager’s Cheque

Offline Payments accepted

             Bank Transfer

             Western Union

             Money Gram

             Wire Transfer



Tax Information

All products listed on our website are Vat (Value Added Tax) Inclusive unless the item is a non-vatable item.


Value Added Tax may be exempted for prospective Customers who are purchasing products to be shipped out of Trinidad and Tobago. To execute this type of transaction prospective purchasers must contact us prior to purchase in order for the necessary documentation to be generated and procured.


We want to help you to understand our pricing table

Discount Options


1. Not Allowed (N/A) to purchase 1 - 2 packs


2. Any purchase quantity between 3 - 29 packs, the price is $72.00 /Pack

3. Any purchase quantity from 30 packs or more, the price is $68.40 /Pack





Within Trinidad and Tobago, the Eastern Style delivery rates apply.

Delivery is FREE if your total order amount is greater than $5000 TTD

Delivery cost will be 5% of your order amount if it is between $1000 – $4999 TTD

Delivery is usually executed within 3 days of completed orders (orders that have been fully paid for)

We do not deliver to high risk areas.

We determine if the conditions enable us to deliver to a particular area.

For regional/ international shipping, we deliver free of charge to your shipping agent in Trinidad. It is the buyer’s responsibility for any charges that may be incurred through your shipping agent.

Eastern Style is not responsible for any shipping charges you may incur due to shipping items purchased. It is the buyer’s responsibility for any custom’s charges incurred in your country upon completion of shipment


Eastern Style will not be held liable for any items purchased that are prohibited from entering any country.



Pickup in Store

Picked up in store is FREE for any item/s purchased.

Buyers are required to present the invoice from showroom purchase when they arrive to collect their item/s.

When collecting please go directly to any of our customer service representatives for assistance in expediting your collection.

If someone else will be collecting your order on behalf of you, they are to present the invoice as proof of purchase and you will also have to send us an email or call authorizing the collection.


Monday - Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm

Saturday 9.00am – 1.00pm


If you have any questions, issues or problems concerning delivery, shipping or pick-up/collection please contact us.

Contact Information


Tel :  (868) 638-6688


Fax : (868) 638-8888


Additional Details


Eastern Style is focused on recognizing, attracting and hiring honest and industrious people. We look for individuals who will flourish within our company, and help us attain our business goals.


Application Tips

  • Please provide a full resume (school/work history, hobbies etc.) with at least two references.

  • Attach a police report that is not 3 months older than date of application

  • Please attach a passport size photo (or larger) of yourself

Please see below for available openings.

*No openings available at this time

Job Opportunities


How to Buy

It all happens in 4 easy steps

1. Select the items you would like to purchase 

                                    2. Visit our showroom to confirm your order

                                                                                            3. Make full payment of order

                                                                                                                                  4. Success. Well done!